Celebrity Portraits

NYC-based and Kentucky born visual artist Marko Coo mixes a wide variety of styles and techniques to create unique pieces that are certain to become a conversation piece. His Original works are intricate, flawlessly executed, and visually compelling. But perhaps most central to his work is the sense of fun each piece elicits.

Marko has created a series exclusively for LexTeeTon based upon the greatest hits from his celebrity portraits. Marko creates these extraordinary pieces by transferring hand drawn outlines of the originals and giving them a look all their own. A similar technique used by Andy Warhol when creating his iconic Marilyn Monroe series.

Dubbed the “Emotional Support Icons” series, it is Marko’s sincere hope that the Lexington community appreciates the fun, whimsy, and love conveyed in each portrait. “if you’re going to have a celebrity portrait in your collection why not have one that’s a bit over-the-top and extra. Glitter always helps,” Marko said with a wink.