Travis’ Brain

Travis’ Brain

During my time in higher education, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Architecture degree. For most of my life, I think my right brain and left brain have been battling it out. When someone asks me to share a little bit about myself my left brain says, “Find a survey or some questions that succinctly and accurately tell exactly who you are.” My right brain says, “That’s boring”.

So. Here is TRUE or FALSE with Travis:

Everything happens for a reason.
TRUE. There is a reason I am sharing this with you and you are reading it, for instance.

You do well under pressure.
TRUE. So much so that I create pressure by procrastinating so that I eventually do well. I’m an Aquarius. We do that.

Everyone has the potential for good.
TRUE. At least I used to think that way. The key word here is potential, not that everyone is actually doing good.

The world would be better if magic were real.
Hold up! – magic IS real. Trick question.

Pick an organ: Brain, Gut, or Heart.

Get the idea yet? I hope so, because my left brain is checking out. This last question really tells the rest of my story though.

REN: Traaaaaaav. Would you Google how to screen print tee shirts?

BRAIN: Why would I Google that? I’m not going to screen print T-shirts.
GUT: Ren is up to something that is going to end in a lot or work for me.
HEART: Okay. Any particular reason I’m Googling this?

REN: Because I can’t find any T-shirts that I like that use that really soft material like the ones we buy at that store on vacation.

BRAIN: He can never remember the name of that place.
GUT: Don’t you think that’s going to a lot of trouble just for a soft T-shirt?
HEART: Alright, I’ll see what I can find.

REN: Thanks. Maybe we can come up with a bunch of cool designs and print them and sell them. I’m sure other people have the same problem we have finding cool, soft T-shirts.

BRAIN: Sure. We’ll just buy all the equipment we need and sell T-shirts out of my trunk on my way home from work.
GUT: He does have a point. I love tee shirts too. Maybe this is a crazy good idea.
HEART: OK. I’ll look into suppliers, printers, retail space, personnel, and all the legal stuff.

REN: Traaaaaaaav. Don’t worry, I’ll help with all that. I already texted our attorney, real estate agent, and CPA.

BRAIN: Ren, it’s 11:30 pm!